Recycle Bin


If you have deleted a Test Case within the last 6 months from your Jira Project, you can recover or even see from a log which Test was deleted and by whom.

Vansah’s Recycle Bin is a ‘holding bay’ for deleted assets under each Project in Jira.  Deleted assets will remain in Vansah for 6 Months, unless you delete them permanently from the Recycle Bin earlier.

If you do not restore the deleted record, Vansah will automatically delete the asset/s after 6 months. Once deleted from the Recycle Bin either by an authorised user or post 6 months, it can never be restored.

To access the Recycle Bin in Vansah:

1. Go to Vansah from your Jira Project

2. Click on Settings in the top right

3. Then select RECYCLE BIN from the menu

4. You will now see Two Tabs (Test Cases and Test Runs) 

5. Select  Test Cases to view which cases were deleted and by whom. 

6. To restore select the menu option to the right and Click on Restore. Otherwise you can permanently delete the record by selecting Delete.


The Vansah Roadmap will soon include assets such as "Test Iterations", "Test Folders" and “Test Steps”