Bulk Update - Edit Test Cases

You can update any number of selected Test Cases directly from a Jira Issue or by going to the Vansah Board and selecting the Test Case/s you wish to perform a Bulk Update.

Bulk Edit Test Cases from a Jira Issue


  1. Navigate to the Jira Issue

  2. First, you will need to ensure you have linked an existing Test Case/s to the Jira Issue. Vansah "All Cases" Tab 

  3. Now select the Test Case to perform a Bulk Update on

  4. After selecting the test case/s case go to the right-hand corner in the same tab, "More options" and click on this button 

  5. Click on "Bulk update

  6. The following screen will be displayed. Select the first option to Edit test case values. Now click Next 

  7. Select any number of Test Case edit options and select the available field update value/s. Then click on Update

  8. After Clicking on Update, you will notice a success message in the top right-hand corner of your Jira Window. 


Bulk Edit Test Cases from the Vansah Board


  1. Navigate to the Vansah Board in your Jira Project 

  2. Select the Test Cases you wish to update

  3. Select the  "More Options" button

  4. Select "Bulk update"  

  5. A dialogue will be displayed asking you to confirm the action "Edit test case values". Click Next

  6. Select an available field value to update

    Click Update to continue.

    A confirmation message will be displayed in the top right hand corner of the Vansah Board

  7. Check your Test Cases ...