Copy Cases to a Test Case Folder

Now that we have created a Test Case Folder, we need to move some test cases into the Folder.

A test case can be part of many Test Case Folders.

There are a few different reasons why you may need to move your Test Cases into different Folders. The first reason is to organize your test cases into logical grouping making it easier to find your test cases and link them to a Jira Issue.

We will keep things simple and focus on the first case as the reason but I am sure you will soon discover that Test Case Folders can be important to help manage your Test Cycles.

Let's get started with Moving Test Cases into the folder we recently created

  1. Find the test cases by running a search

  2. Next we will select all the cases we wish to move into the new Folder

  3. Now we need to click on Move

  4. Select the folder where you wish to add your Test Cases to

  5. Now click on Move at the bottom of the screen to confirm


You can Associate, Move or Remove Test Cases from a Test Folder