Jira Issue screen (Left-hand panel)

There are a few options available to create a test case using Vansah for Jira.

A. From the Jira Issue screen (Left-hand panel)

  1. Open a Jira Issue

  2. Click on the Vansah icon to Go to Vansah Test Management

  3. Now click on the Add (+) symbol to create a new test case

  4. Enter a Test Case Headline (Summary)

  5. Choose a Test Case type

  6. Click Create 


When creating a Test Case you also have the option to Create and Edit the case by clicking on the checkbox option "Create & Edit" and then Create. A Test Case will inherit the Priority and Component value of the Issue which it was created from. You can however update the Test Case priority if you decide to by Editing it

You can filter Test Cases from your Jira Issue Screen from the ‘Select filters’ option within the Vansah Test Management.

Test Cases can be filtered based on the following options.

Applied filters are indicated on top of the filter option.